Chris Dave and the DRUMhedz live @ Bennett’s Lane, June 1st 2014

Chris Dave and the DRUMhedz live @ Bennett's Lane, June 1st 2014

It’s pretty hard to describe how good this gig was. When they walked on stage, Chris described what we were about to see and hear as a “mix tape”, a journey through an eclectic range of styles and moods. He wasn’t wrong.
I’ve heard one person describe Chris Dave’s approach to drums as “playing a parallel narrative”. This is spot on. Just when he’s made you believe that he has forgotten about the other musicians around him, he crashes back in with unbelievable precision, locking into another incredible groove leaving you scratching your head as to how he can so seamlessly switch between one feel to the next, and operate in two or more different spheres at the same time.

I walked out of there a different person to when I walked in.

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