Brown Dog Fuzz Pedal

Brown Dog Fuzz Pedal

Recently got my hands on a Brown Dog by CHUNK Systems. The controls are pretty cool as it has separate clean and dirt levels, so you can control exactly how much you want coming from the fuzz circuit and exactly how much of the original clean signal you want. The gate control governs how loud the input signal must be before the fuzz circuit is engaged. Crank it up high and its produces really tight sounds – very clean (unlike like some fuzz pedals that sound fluffy). The drive control changes the character of the fuzz circuit from warm fuzz to square wave synth fuzz.

I’m still messing around with this pedal – all the controls means it takes quite a bit of “twiddling” to dial in the sound you want. Combining it with an octave pedal just sounds ridiculous. Will post some recordings when I have time.

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