Stop & Watch EP – ARORA

arora fb image

This week Arora released their “Stop and Watch” EP. We’re pretty pleased with our effort. Follow the links to find Arora online:

Melanie Sheehy – Vocals
Byron Goodwin – Drums/Electric Kit
Richard Rose – Bass
Michael Filmer Smith – Keys/Organ
Tim Scholl – Guitar/Electric Kit

All songs written by Tim Scholl

Produced by Jem Savage and Tim Scholl
Mixed by Jem Savage of Rare Jem Studios.
Mastered by Isaac Barter


^^^ Mel in the vocal booth


^^^ Byron laying it down during pre-produciton


^^^ Tim working hard during pre-production


And some gratuitous shots of my lovely Alleva Coppolo basses which I used on the recording.

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