I played bass on the album Southern Light by Sal Kimber and the Rollin Wheel. This was the second single off the album called Hell and High-water. On this track I used my Alleva Coppolo P bass recored by Shane O’Mara at Yikesville Studios in Melbourne.

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“The World As You Know It” by Arora –

This track is off Arora’s debut EP “Stop and Watch”. All tracks feature my bass playing and were recorded with my lovely Alleva Coppolo basses.

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“Dynamo” and “Cazzibean” by Jesse Witney –

Here are two tracks I recorded with good friend and great musician Jesse Witney. I recorded the tracks with my Jazz bass strung with flats into an Avalon U5 DI.




‘Dynamo’, Single of the debut Jesse Witney EP and “Cazzibean”. Recorded at NMIT Fairfield with Tom Hutchens and Max Fuhrer. Vocal overdubs done at Moon Zero Studio with Dustin Mclean. Mixed by Simon Russell, mastered by Ross Cockle at Sing Sing Studios.

Nick Martyn (Drums)
Richard Rose (Bass)
Will Henderson (Ukelele)
Mikael Strand (Trombone)
Jesse Witney (Guitar & Vocals)

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